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I provide treatments to promote sleep and relaxation, to help manage anxiety, stress and depression, and to help bring balance to the whole body; all from my own little wellbeing hub.

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Please note I only accept female clients, unless you have been personally referred to me.

Price List


Reiki 55 mins £35

Little Worriers - Child Reiki 35 mins £25


Introduction to Mindfulness 60 mins £30

Reiki & Mindfulness Combined Session 90 mins £45


Indian Head Massage with Reiki 75 mins £45


Reiki Training & Qualification 

Reiki I First Degree - Self-healing £90

Reiki II Practitioner Level £250

Reiki Advanced Training Master £150

Reiki III Master Teacher £300



What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction. Reiki also promotes healing of the body by activating the body’s own self-healing mechanism. 


A Reiki treatment is like the ultimate rest, helping to balance the body, to ease anxiety and stress, while promoting sleep. 


With regular treatments, Reiki can be an effective tool to help manage mental health, to help balance hormones and to manage many physical conditions such as IBS, migraines, ME, fibromyalgia, PCOS - the list is endless!


The relaxation you feel during a Reiki session is very deep and people often use it as their monthly self-care session to have some time out. 


What happens during a treatment?


Reiki has often been described as being like Acupuncture without the needles!


There are different types of Reiki, but the Reiki I use is known as ‘hands on’ Reiki. 


During a treatment you remain fully clothed on a massage couch, with a comfy blanket and pillow, so you can fully relax (or quite often nod off - some clients who favour evening appointments even turn up in their pyjamas!)


Hand positions are then used around the head, shoulders, stomach and legs to stimulate certain energy points in the body. 



How does it feel?


A Reiki session can feel different for everyone, but one common factor is that snoozy feeling of drifting in and out of sleep. 


People often say they feel lighter after a treatment and can’t believe how deeply relaxed and rejuvenated they feel!


You can use Reiki in different ways. 


Reiki can be used purely as a relaxation treatment, or if you do have past issues / trauma / grief that you want to work through, it can help release emotions stuck in the nervous system. This can feel different for everyone, depending on what that person is going through.

Indian Head Massage with Reiki

Reiki is deeply relaxing on its own, but adding Indian Head Massage, essential oils, low lighting and tranquil music, you have a luxurious 75 minute treatment of deep, pure restorative relaxation. 


Traditionally Indian Head Massage has been a treatment you have seated, but in this combination treatment you will be lying down on a massage couch - with a comfy blanket and pillow just like in a Reiki session.


The treatment begins with a gentle shoulder massage, moving up to the face and onto the scalp. The massage stimulates certain energy points in the body which can feel incredibly relaxing and calming, quietening the mind and allowing you to drift off.


Tightness and tension in the shoulders, neck and head can be eased and after 30 minutes of pure massage around the shoulders, neck, face and scalp, Reiki is then applied to the head and to the whole of the body for the remainder of the treatment. 


This treatment allows you to completely switch off from the busy world outside, reducing stress levels and giving you a sanctuary of pure, blissful relaxation.



Mindfulness isn’t all closed eyes and humming!

It's based on science - neural pathways in the brain. 


Neural pathways in the brain instruct us how to think - they process the information we receive and send signals from one part of the brain to another. 


Neural pathways are formed through repetition……so the more we worry, the more the mind learns to worry and through repeatedly worrying, that worry pathway becomes stronger until it is our default response.


We can learn exercises to help form new ones!  Exercises that help us to focus on the here and now.


Mindfulness can help us to stop projecting into the future and going over the past.


Mindfulness can help us to stop overthinking!


An electronic guide is sent to you after your first session, detailing the science behind the treatment and includes exercises for you to do at home.


Reiki & Mindfulness Combined


A combination session of Reiki, with an introduction to Mindfulness. 

Mindfulness to help you control that over thinking and Reiki to help you release past experiences / negative emotions and to help restore the whole body; giving you time out to relax.


The ideal session to help with mental health, working through past issues or trauma and to give restorative relaxation. 


The EFT tapping technique can also be included.


The ultimate self-help session.


An electronic guide is sent to you after your first session, detailing the science behind the treatment and includes exercises for you to do at home.

Little Worriers


Reiki is so effective for both Children and Teenagers.

Reiki can help to reduce temper tantrums in little ones, as well as helping to reduce anxiety, irrational fears, sleep problems and helping to manage ADHD/ADD & learning disabilities.


Reiki helps to balance emotions and this can also be especially effective in teenagers as well as little ones.


It can help to balance the teenage hormones and aid in anger, depression, stress of exams and school, as well as helping to increase concentration and self-esteem - particularly if they are experiencing any bullying.


Little Worriers is like an adult Reiki session, but a shorter session to suit their needs.



- About me -

Rachel Twist

I am a fully qualified Reiki Master Teacher, Mindfulness Coach, EFT Practitioner and Massage Therapist.


I discovered Reiki over 8 years ago, as a last resort after many doctors appointments. 


Originally from Maidstone, Kent, I used to be an Insurance Underwriter in London and worked in the industry for 16 years. 


I used to be a ball of tension; suffering from chronic IBS, migraines, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia and inflammations in the body, including ME. I had been diagnosed with OCD and Dyscalculia. 


I was the biggest sceptic ever about all this kind of stuff - begrudgingly giving it a try after all sorts of medication just wasn’t working. 


My personal experience of Reiki was huge. Now I don’t suffer from IBS, or migraines and have no inflammation or fatigue from having had ME. 


I also learnt the importance of self-care and how Reiki and Mindfulness can have a profound effect on mental health, often replacing the need for tablets with the natural way to manage the conditions. 


What began as a hobby turned into a part time business in 2016. 


Seeing so many people struggling like I used to, yet knowing they would never go near anything holistic, made me want to show how holistic wasn’t as weird as it seemed! I feel passionate about normalising these types of therapies and showing people how they can really help. 


I’m by no means a floating spiritual guru living a clean lifestyle and chanting om (quite the opposite!) But I’ve discovered something that works and I feel passionate to encourage others to discover this too. 


As well as practising Reiki, my other passion in life is writing and I’m currently doing an English MA in Creative Writing at Lincoln University. 


When I'm not doing Reiki or writing, I love nothing more than long dog walks and going to see live bands down the local pubs - always a Britpop girl at heart and always the last to leave a party!

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